Conquering the digital divide in Lawrence

As you all know, most Americans today are facing the harsh reality that there is a digital divide presence to the lower-income households. Over 40% of families that are facing this reality can not afford the proper internet access that they need in today’s times. Covid-19 has presented a different challenge because of the homeschooling, and work at home stay orders from business’s. Here at RG Fiber Mike Bosch, CEO/founder, is slowly breaking down these barriers one install at a time.

The corner of Edgewood Lane and 16th Street in Lawrence, Kansas.


Teaming up with Lawrence Douglas County Housing Authority (LDCHA) and some local organizations, tenants of Edgewood Homes in Lawrence now have access to free gigabit speed internet. Heather McNeive, director of general housing for LDCHA, and Mike Bosch, CEO/Founder of RG Fiber, both were the driving force behind this project.


I don’t know why we are wired the way we are, but there is something deep within me just about equality, and people having equal access to reach their fullest potential.”

Mike Bosch, RG Fiber’s Founder/CEO

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