RG FIBER and Corning partner to bring Gigabit to Baldwin City, Kansas

If you’re like many in small town America, when you hear ‘Corning’, you think of your mom’s cookware. Well, that same company who invented that glass-ceramic cookware for your mom is the global leader in materials science, particularly all things glass. The glass on your smartphone…same company. In fact, Thomas Edison hired Corning for the glass on his light bulb. This same company invented optical fibers…making it possible to send data through cables made of glass. So why do they know and even care about a one-stoplight town in Kansas? As it turns out, in the small town of Baldwin City, Kansas they found another innovator: Mike Bosch, Founder/CEO of RG FIBER.

Corning Case Study Highlights Baldwin City & RG Fiber
Screenshot of the case study.

You probably know the story…Mike’s software development company outgrew the internet capacity available here in Baldwin City, so he decides to build the network his town so desperately needed.

What you may not have known, is Mike’s vision for Gigabit Baldwin City required accomplishing three (3) herculean feats. Each ambitious in their own right, but this vision required all three pieces. If anyone of these three things failed to come to fruition, RG FIBER as we know it, wouldn’t exist. Mike had to (1) build a connection from the backbone of the internet to Baldwin City, Kansas (the closest connection was ~57 miles away), (2) invent a new way to deploy and manage a telecom network so that internet would be affordable for his neighbors, and (3) get permission from City Hall.

Even after all that, he still needed a solution to distribute RG FIBER’s reliable, fast, affordable internet around town…one that would balance exceptional quality at an affordable price…enter Corning. With Corning’s FlexNAP system, RG FIBER was able to deploy a super high quality network while keeping the cost of internet access affordable. Read the full case study here: http://bit.ly/RGCorning

Mike Jahn, Corning Optical Communications, came to Baldwin City to show Mike Bosch, RG FIBER, the FlexNap solution. (2014)

Without a doubt, one of the key things that made this project successful from the start was more than just Corning’s industry-leading products; it was their engineering expertise that helped me figure out how to be successful from planning to implementation and now to growth.

Mike Bosch, RG FIBER’s Founder/CEO

In the end, our partnership brought visibility to Baldwin City, Kansas, as a quaint one-stoplight town with future-ready gigabit internet. Corning was able to showcase their engineering expertise to help pull-off yet another ambitious American innovator’s vision for a better world. And RG FIBER is able to deliver ultra-reliable, super-fast internet at affordable price to our friends and neighbors.