Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to buy any extra or new equipment? Is there a fee for that?

Not for internet. We prefer to include everything you need to enjoy our service. We like simple. However, for phones we’ve learned that going all digital makes life way simpler for you and us. So we have worked with our vendors to offer two (2) all digital cordless phones for only $60.

Is there a limit to the number of devices that can be online at the same time?

Well…I suppose if had your work laptop with a VPN connection in front of you, streaming Netflix on a smart TV across the room, texting your significant other with one hand, on a wifi-connected treadmill, with your security system being monitored remotely and four kids in the other rooms doing the same…that puts you at about 15 or so devices. We can’t really see how it’s safe to operate so many devices…but no, we don’t have a limit. If you find one, let us know. We’ll update this FAQ.

Why aren’t you at my house yet?

Everyone knows fiber is the fastest and most reliable communication medium. The challenge is – installing new fiber cables is super hard work! Burying fiber cables is even harder, but that’s what we do because it gives our network amazing reliability.

This also means that installing the lines is expensive. Fortunately, for all of us that want better internet, the RG Fiber crew can’t pick lottery numbers – so, we’re stuck with our locally owned and operated budget. As such, we ask ourselves, “how can we connect the most people the fastest?” Ultimately, that has caused us to go build areas where lots of people have signed up and joined our waiting list.

How do you connect to my house? wireless? coax? dsl?

We’re building a brand-spanking new fiber-to-wireless network for rural small town communities. While there are many promising new wireless technologies, we’re sticking with what is proven to achieve our mission of connecting the rest of us to gigabit. Today, that’s fiber and WiFi.

So we bring fiber all the way into your home/business and then handoff to WiFi, managed by our software and super-smart and neighborly support team.

How long before my lines get buried?

Typically, within a couple weeks. If you haven’t seen utility crews come out and mark buried lines within a couple weeks, please give us a call at 785-594-5414.

What speeds do I need?

We offer 3 internet plans. Each comes with WiFi setup and fully managed by our software and our support team.

Pro-tip: Our 1 Gbps service comes with super-fast WiFi; upwards of 950 Mbps actual speeds have been observed.

Plan Perfect For
150/150 Mbps 1-3 person household
300/300 Mbps 3-4 household
1 Gbps 4 or more person household

Do you have to come in where the other utilities come in?

Nope. We prefer to work with our customers to install their fiber line where it makes the most sense.

Is there a data cap?

Nope. We actually want you to use the internet. #mindblown

If I call support, where does that call go?

Today, all calls run to our Baldwin City office. During normal working hours, you can expect a neighbor to answer the phone. After hours, the calls are routed to our on call technician.

Are you offering any promotional pricing?

It’s super rare for us to offer any kind of promotional pricing. We prefer to offer affordable pricing year around.

Besides, we don’t want to play the game where we surprise you with a massive increase when your promotion runs out and then you call us really mad (and rightfully so) and then we argue back and forth until you get an affordable price again. Let’s be honest, we all have better things to do.

Do you offer TV?

Not anymore. The majority of our TV customers ending up canceling service, once they figured out streaming.  Most find that the content they want is available online.

Can I use my current phone?

Probably not. We’ve learned that going all digital makes life simpler for you and for us. So we require customers to upgrade to an all digital phone compatible with our system. For homes, we offer two (2) all digital cordless phones for only $60. For businesses, we lease an all digital HD Voice desk phone for each line for FREE, meaning that we’ll replace the phone if it breaks. Of course, this doesn’t cover you throwing the phone across the room or in the trash…*ahem*…Gregg.

Do you have contracts?

We want you to stay because of our service, not because of our attorneys. We got rid of contracts for residential service and small business service.

Note: Sometimes our enterprise customers require us to enter contracts.

When will you come to [insert Big City here]?

According to the FCC, 34 Million Americans lack access to broadband. 23 Million live in rural America. While we’re inspired by company that introduced ‘gigabit internet’ to cities with several 100 Mbps options, we care about the rest of us living without a real choice. We want to level the playing field and bring gigabit-capable fiber to small town America.

In short, we’d rather see you move to small town America. The quality of life is better and with our internet, you can probably find a gig working from home.

Get Connected for FREE!!!

In-town Customers…There’s no connection or construction fee!

Rural Customers…We have a tiered connection fee that depends on the distance from our closest connection point to your home or business. Give a call (785-594-5414) for a quote on what it would take to get your connected!

Oh and having a fiber connection increases your home’s value by 3.1%, according to this study.

While most of my devices do connect via wifi at home, you do pull a fiber connection into the home, right?

Yes, we believe fiber is the future. So we bring fiber all the way into the home/business.

At the same time, WiFi when it works is amazing. So we hand off from our fiber network to our WiFi network, setup and managed by our crew. To ensure you get professional managed amazing WiFi.

Also, our fiber boxes have ethernet ports for us or you to connect directly into our fiber network. We recommend category 6 cabling, if you do it yourself. It’s certainly what we use.

What about port blocking? As a hobby tech guy, can I run web and other servers from my home?

No port blocking. We do limit static IPv4 address assignments (most don’t need it) because the pool of free/available addresses have been exhausted (no more left). As long as what you are doing is legal, we say have at it.

How much does it cost for each level of service?

We’re learning that each town can have wildly different parameters for what it will cost us to provide service. As a result, pricing is being adjusted based on individual addresses. If our service is available at your address, our website will show you exact pricing. Click on “check eligibility” to find out.

We’re planning a more detailed blog post about this.