Giving Back

Connect Home USA is a movement to bridge the digital divide for HUD-assisted housing residents in the United States. The Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority (LDCHA) joined ConnectHome USA in 218. To be able to meet this goal, the LDCHA teamed up with local internet provider RG Fiber. Their efforts have been nothing short of amazing!

Lawrence Douglas County Housing Authority’s “main objective is to be good stewards of the housing programs it is charged with managing and administering. We are committed to serving all our residents, participants, and the public  in a manner consistent with the principles of  respect, fairness and equity. We are dedicated to ensuring that the policies and practices we follow foster both resident responsibility and program integrity. We recognize and seek to balance our duty and responsibility to our residents, our property and the public trust.”(LDCHA, 2020). 

The LDCHA is a Moving to Work (MTW) agency which allows for investment in tenant services to promote self-sufficiency. Through the MTW program, LDCHA was able to invest in the infrastructure needed to bring internet to every household in Edgewood Homes FOR FREE. Located at 1600 Haskell Avenue in Lawrence, KS, Edgewood homes are home of 130 public housing units with 287 tenants, which include 136 children.

The critical need for everyone to have access to high speed internet became clear in 2020 when the global Covid-19 pandemic hit. As schools, workplaces, and doctors’ offices closed their doors, those without internet access were left behind. RG Fiber couldn’t let that happen. 

Edgewood tenants are so excited for the ConnectHomeUSA program:

“I am working from home due to Covid and my three kids are doing remote schooling. This will change our lives by allowing us to be all on the internet at once”. – Edgewood Tenant 

“This is going to save me over $80 a month” – Edgewood Tenant 

RG Fiber was able to provide all the internet needed services for Edgewood property free of charge to each tenant.

RG FIBER offers Free or Reduced Cost Internet Program for Qualified Students & Families

The school district is pleased to share information about a new program to help students who do not have reliable, fast internet access at home. This program is for families who qualify for free or reduced meals at school.

RG FIBER’s mission is to design, build, and operate a world-class internet network to benefit small town communities throughout America. For RG FIBER, that especially includes K-12 students who need reliable internet connectivity at home. 


  1. A family who is already qualified for free or reduced meals should contact RG FIBER and submit a copy of their free/reduced approval letter received from the school district. 
  2. RG FIBER verifies the information with the local school district and then schedules an install.


For families qualifying for free meals, RG FIBER will provide its 150 Mbps symmetrical fiber service for FREE during the school year. 

For families qualifying for reduced cost meals, RG FIBER will provide its 150 Mbps service for 50-percent off, or $29.98 per month. 

There is a one-time activation fee of $35. If an address is already connected to RG FIBER, there is no activation fee.