Network Management Guide

We strive to be the most loved internet provider. To us, that means providing you with an unmatched customer experience and awesome internet access. You agree to use our service in a lawful way.

Like all providers, we manage our network in accordance with our Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures (PGP). We explain this openly and plainly here in our Network Management Guide for informational purposes only and please keep in mind that our world changes quick and therefore our PGPs may be change at any time.

Oh, our attorneys want us to remind your that the use of our services are governed by our Terms of Service, not this Network Management Guide. Our Privacy Policy explains the collection, use, and sharing of information from Fiber users.

Net Neutral

We’re in favor of an open and independent internet, no censoring, no favoritism, no discrimination. Just reliable, super-fast internet at an affordable price.

Congestion Management

Brace yourself, we’re going to get nerdy here. Our first strategy to deal with congestion and an overloaded network is to simply engineer a better network. Seemed pretty straight forward to us. Not sure why that’s so hard for the rest of our industry, but whatev’.

Here’s a few things we do that directly impact congestion:

  • Our network is 100% fiber. Fiber is only limited by the capability of the electronics on either end. As of the end of 2018, we can deliver up to 10 Gbps service to our customers. Zoom, zoom, baby.
  • We’re connected directly to Tier 1 backbone providers, eliminating the “middleman”. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • We operate a “passive optical network” instead of a “packet-switched network“. Basically, that means there is nothing slowing the speed of data packets until it reaches the equipment in your home/business.
  • We monitor the total amount of data being uploaded/downloaded by all of our customers. We’re constantly making sure there’s plenty of available capacity. We call this network utilization and as of Q4 2018, our current average is 25%, so we’re gonna add some more in 2019 Q1.
  • We have also deployed measures to protect our network against cybersecurity attacks that attempt to overwhelm our network.

Shared or Dedicated Capacity – Your Choice

Our network can provide our customers with either a shared capacity or dedicated capacity connection to the internet. It’s important to know, that our shared capacity connections are individually encrypted, so your individual connection is secure, but you’re sharing capacity.

Our shared capacity connections are designed to send/receive up to 10 Gbps to a maximum of 28 customers. For comparison, cable operators share capacity with as many as 600 customers. Not everyone signs up for our 1 Gbps service, so we share the excess capacity with nearby customers. Again, each connection is individually encrypted. The major benefit of a shared capacity connection is the very affordable price. 

Our dedicated capacity connections are designed for those that want to always know that they will have every bit of capacity available when needed.


The advertised speed is the speed you get when you’re wired in to our fiber box. Wire into our fiber box and test your speed. If you’re not getting what you paid for, contact our support team, something’s not right and we want to know, so we can fix it.

Capacity is provided on a per-subscriber basis, so the capacity is shared by all connected devices within your premises.

If you’re curious, there are several factors that may affect your actual speed at any particular point in time, including : the capability of your device; the network between you and RG FIBER’s fiber box; the capability of websites, apps, or the cat videos you’re watching; network congestion/other Internet traffic, and several other super-geeky things that get us really excited, but we realize you probably stopped reading a while ago.


You don’t need a decoder ring or a training class on how to read our bills. Our pricing is a flat-fee plus taxes and government fees. All of our plans are unlimited usage, so you can surf, stream, or whatever you do without having to worry about a surprise on your next invoice.

Bandwidth is provided on a per-subscriber basis. The subscriber’s bandwidth is shared by all connected devices within the subscriber’s premises.

Network Security

The sad reality is that we have to protect our network against threats. To keep our promise of awesome internet, we reserve the right at any time to take action necessary to protect our network. This may include terminating or suspending service to subscribers who engage in activity that violates our Terms of Service.

RG Fiber uses industry standard tools and generally accepted best practices and policies to prevent subscribers and other Internet users from experiencing the negative effects of Internet threats such as viruses, spam, denial of service attacks, and other unwanted or harmful online content and activities.

Please notify RG Fiber of any perceived network security or other Internet threats.


You can use whatever device you want on our network, as long as it supports basic industry standard capabilities like IP addresses and does not violate our Terms of Service. The performance may vary depending on the capability of the device, though.


We include the most advanced WiFi technology for each of our customers and it’s included in your price anyway. We highly recommend you secure your WiFi network(s) with a password to prevent data pirates from using your network.

Oh, you should know that the WiFi encryption does not encrypt the traffic that you send over the Internet, it only encrypts the connection from your device to our Fiber box.

Also, it’s a really good idea to use the firewall feature included with our equipment.


You’re responsible for the people and devices you let use your network and all the activity that occurs over their connections, including unlawful use by someone or thing other than you. 

Contact Information

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