Our Installation Process

RG Fiber’s installation process begins with one of our dedicated service or sales people scheduling an installation with you. We ask you a few questions regarding:
What services you’d like??
What you want your WiFi name and password to be??
Our installations typically get scheduled within three days of requesting service, something that you’ll find almost nowhere else in the industry.

Once we’ve agreed on a time and date, our network technician and installation team begin setting up the equipment that will be installed in your home. We do this so that when we arrive, all of your equipment is already working and set up with your WiFi name and password. That process reduces the amount of time we have to take away from your day, and allows us to schedule more installations throughout the day.

The next step in a complete installation is running a fiber optic cable from our splice point in your neighborhood into your home. Having a fiber optic connection to your home raises the value of your home 3-5%. We run a fiber connection into your home because it gives you the most reliable connection and the fastest speeds, something that just wouldn’t be possible over any other cabling.

Next, we set up your television and home phone if that’s something you’ve requested. Our television and home phone services are contracted through _Company Name____; we partner with them to provide you an exceptional TV and phone experience to match our internet service.

And finally, our installation partner Integrity Locate marks your yard for anything that might obstruct us from burying the fiber optic cable. We wrap our cable in conduit and bury it 8-12 inches deep, which is much deeper than the industry standard. We do this to prevent mishaps that may cause you to lose service (something that contributes to our ridiculous reliability). 

Trench in the Ground for Fiber Optic Cable

Yard One Month after Fiber Burial

To the left is a picture of what you can expect your yard to look like during the burial of your fiber optic cable. Once the cable is in the ground, our team replaces the dirt and, as you can see on the right, it’ll barely be noticeable after a month. We take every effort to avoid sprinkler system lines, buried telephone wires, water pipes and anything else that may be buried in your yard.

Those utilities are buried in order to make them more reliable and less susceptible to damage, which are the exact same reasons we bury our lines. We strive to provide the promise of less than 5 minutes of downtime per year, and burying your line is an integral part of accomplishing that!

At RG Fiber, we make every single effort to insure our installation process goes as smoothly as possible for you, the customer. We want your first impression of us and our service to be spectacular. GO RG Fiber!!