Our Team

Mike Bosch, Founder/CEO of RG Fiber, built a software company in his rural small town that outgrew the community’s internet infrastructure. Fed up with the incumbents’ apathy, Bosch set out on a mission to find a way to build a world-class fiber network in one stoplight town with only 4,500 residents. After a year of R&D, Bosch launched RG Fiber’s software-driven fiber model in 2015 and brought gigabit speeds to Baldwin City. Since then RG Fiber has continued to innovate, reimagining the traditional telecom deployment model to better fit small town communities wanting to level the playing field with neighboring major metropolitan areas.

Outside of work, Mike loves spending time with his family and being a dad.

 Prior to RG Fiber, Bosch served in the US Navy’s submarine fleet. As a civilian, he built a career in supply chain management with UPS and FedEx. Bosch is a proud member of Pipeline Entrepreneurs, an exclusive community of the midwest’s top entrepreneurs leaders building the highest growth companies.



Philip Lowry, Director of Network Operations for RG Fiber, is responsible for managing resources, developing and implementing an operational plan and ensuring that procedures are carried out properly. Philip also is always researching and networking new technologies. Additionally, Philip Lowry regularly evaluates organizational efficiencies of the company on a regular basis, and makes necessary adjustments needed to help maximize staff productivity; along with designing the RG Fiber network, the Director of Network Operations here at RG Fiber also helps ensure and maintain a high level of professionalism throughout the office on a daily basis. 

Outside of work, Philip owns and operates his own recording studio. Plays in a band, his main instrument is the guitar. He is a proud owner of three cats. Him and his wife Megan love to travel and he is fluent in German.



Dominic Klobe, Director of Sales & Marketing for RG Fiber, oversees and manages responsibilities that revolve around overseeing the sales, budgeting, and all programs related to marketing and sales. Furthermore, Dominic works closely with the Market Coordinator to help develop and implement sales strategies in demanding markets. Being able to provide management and leadership skills that represent higher management skills. Direct of Sales & Marketing for RG Fiber provides support throughout the entire company at a professional level and maintains a close relationship with customers and internal staff.

Outside of work, Dominic loves spending time with his family and kids. He loves to be apart of their sporting events!

Prior to RG Fiber, Dominic Klobe graduated from Rockhurst University with a BSBA in Finance/Economics and a Masters Degree of Business Administration.

Rhonda Peterson, Office Manager/ HR Generalist, here at RG Fiber, is responsible for maintaining employee documentation / processing background check; she process’s timesheets/payroll/401K plans. On the finance side of things, she helps process various financial reports and assists the accounting department on invoicing.

Outside of work, Rhonda loves hanging with her dogs and reading books. She and her husband have owned and operated a small family business for over 20 years. Also she has many ties with the motorcycle community.

Prior to RG Fiber, Rhonda Peterson graduated from Washburn and Wichita State University with a B.A. in French and a B.B.A in Internal Business and a Minor in Economics.