RG FIBER to bring fiber internet in Spring Hill, KS

Spring Hill, KS: RG FIBER proposes to bring fiber internet to Spring Hill, Kansas, located in Johnson and Miami Counties.

Spring Hill has been recognized as one of the fastest growing communities in the State of Kansas. At the same time, Spring Hill has been recognized as having the 3rd slowest internet service in the country. RG FIBER’s proposal will take this community from the 3rd slowest to one of the fastest.

RG FIBER will build an underground all-fiber network installed in conduit. The fiber will be brought all the way into the home/business to provide multi-gig services.

According to the most recent FCC Broadband Maps (Form 477 data), all of Spring Hill is served with multiple “broadband” providers. However, over the past 3 years of interacting with businesses and residents throughout the community, RG FIBER has learned that service has been misstated or misrepresented.

So RG FIBER created The Speed Truth Challenge℠ to crowd-source speed tests directly from the businesses and residents of the Spring Hill community. The data revealed with a 95% confidence that 73% (+/- 7% margin of error) of the homes/businesses cannot get 25/3. 32% of the community will have access to up to 10 Gig internet upload and download, among the fastest available in the US, by the end of the calendar year!

All of RG FIBER’s plans have straightforward pricing, unlimited data, symmetrical service, fiber boxes with managed WiFi. Residential pricing starts at $59.95/mo and small business pricing starts at $129.95/mo.

“On behalf of the entire RG FIBER crew, we want to thank all the residents and businesses who have supported our efforts and took the Speed Truth Challenge ℠. We are particularly grateful to Mayor Ellis for his support and leadership in making this endeavor a reality for the people of Spring Hill,” says Mike Bosch, Founder/CEO of RG FIBER. 

About RG FIBER: Founded in 2014, RG FIBER has reimagined how world-class internet could be designed, built, and operated specifically for the millions of us who choose to live, work, and play in underserved small town communities throughout America. RG FIBER’s software-driven technology manages the company’s 100+ mile fiber network providing industry-leading reliability, speed, and affordability. Our mission is to end the digital divide and restore America’s digital infrastructure leadership.

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