Engineered for Small Towns

While the rest of the industry was investing in bringing gigabit to over-crowded cities who already had fast internet. RG Fiber was inventing new ways to bring gigabit into the rest of the country.

In 2015, we launched our proof-of-concept. The results beat expectations: our internet proved more reliable than email and our super-fast speeds weren’t limited to wired connections, we delivered super-fast WiFi. Word spread and demand grew. We created jobs and are now bringing our service to the rest of America.

Map of Baldwin City, home of RG Fiber
Fiber Construction

Network Design

We worked with the engineering team at the company that invented fiber optics, Corning, to create a network design specifically engineered for small towns. To this day, we continue to collaborate with them solving challenges from our small town perspective.

Software Driven

The telecom industry is stuck in the 1990’s using multiple different pieces of software cobbled together – each one overpriced, monolithic, and doesn’t play well with others. Furthermore, most of the software comes with the hardware, so providers don’t get a choice. This hand ties service providers into unaffordable, outdated systems and processes.

True to our pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps small town nature, we built our own app. It covers everything we do from signups, to construction, to billing, to provisioning service for you. Our software has saved us over $2.5M in ridiculous licensing and support fees. More than that, we’re able to innovate as our customers provide us feedback. Over the first year of operations, we’ve launched (on average) 1 upgrade release every other working day. Now, that is pushing innovation into the market.

We still have work to do, but we’re excited to be able to control our own destiny as we bring gigabit to the rest of America.

RG Fiber App

Pay only for what is used

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