Why We Don’t Do Contracts

Here at RG Fiber, the customer comes first. With that in mind, it wouldn’t exactly make sense to force a customer to keep their RG Fiber service if they decided they didn’t want it anymore, would it? We don’t think so either.Sign on Building that says "No Contracts, No Bandwidth Caps, Same Upload and Download, Local Customer Service"

As many of you know, almost all of our competitors require contracts. Once you experience their service, what happens if you’re completely unhappy?What assurance do you have that they will go above and beyond when you call customer service? If there’s a problem, how do you know that they will fix it in a timely manner?

To ensure that our team stays completely focused on your satisfaction, we don’t force our customers into contracts. We firmly believe that if we suck, you should be able to fire us. This has created a unique culture at RG Fiber; every crew member knows that we must earn your trust and business everyday. We want you to stay with us because of our service, not our attorneys.

So, we don’t require contracts because we want to hold ourselves to a higher standard. If that sounds good to you, come see us.